Saturday, September 10, 2016

Medical Stories below the fold

LINK Hillary has lost TedRall:

he discusses the Clinton foundation's appearance of ethical problems. Give money for a good cause, get a visit with the secretary of state. Results are not guaranteed so it's not bribery.

Jerome Corsi discussed the problem on C2C, but hey, he's a conspiracy type.

However, from the left, Glenn Greenwald discusses the problem too:


Speaking of Hillary: That National Enquirer story on her health is just rehashing the here-say. No hard facts...And a lot of it is absurd. (she might have congenital Muscular dystrophy? give me a break.)

What is behind this hysteria?
She needs help going up stairs? Looks like quadriceps are weak....Lower back problems or knee problems from arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, or it could be muscle weakness from hypothyroidism or post stroke weakness on one side.

The real question is: what are her cognitive abilities? Were these affected by her strokes?

They are either printing this nonsense to make money or to suck up to Trump.


Bad superbug has reached Massachusetts.

Colisten resistant E Coli.

The mcr-1 gene was first reported in 2015 in food, animal, and patient isolates from China (1) and is notable for being the first plasmid-mediated colistin resistance mechanism to be identified. Plasmids can be transferred between bacteria, potentially spreading the resistance gene to other bacterial species. Since its discovery, the mcr-1 gene has been reported from Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and North America (2,3), including the United States...

apparently, it was from antibiotics being given to farm animals in China.

But the real danger is overusing antibiotics in chicken and pigs farms.

scientificAmerican story.

and the bad news: The gene can be spread to cousin bacteria.

the good news: no links, but my "chicken business" email newsletter has a lot of articles about using probiotics or other ways to keep the chickens safe without filling them with antibiotics.

 a spoonful of sugar no more.

The problem of the rare mutation of the weakened polio virus becoming strong again and causing mini epidemics has led to using the old fashioned shot that uses the dead virus.

it is being phased out. Technical report:
CDC report here.


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