Friday, September 16, 2016

Mysticism for red necks and the humble

Yuppies wanting signs and wonders go to the Amazon or Nepal but hey, why go there when your local hick church can give you the same thing?

This is part of the "Finger of God" series that is not, alas, on Youtube yet.

It is about the pentecostal/charismatic renewal.

Longer musings on this on my bitchblog.
So why am I posting this here? so why worry about how "deplorables" worship?

The cynical west ignores that it is Pentecostal Christianity that is the fastest growing religion and reshaping much of the third world...or in the diaspora from the third world into the first world.

If we project the largest Christian populations by 2050, the United States will still be at the head of the list, followed by Brazil, Mexico, the Philippines, Nigeria, the Congo, Ethiopia, and China. 

so what will happen if China-- or Iran--- gets a large minority Christian population in the near future?

Discuss, class....

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