Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Philippine news: typhoon and Zika and crime, oh my

The typhoon hit the northern part of Luzon but we are okay. What we really worry about is if the heavy rain from the storm destroys the rice crop that is almost ready to harvest.

And Zika cases have been diagnosed here, in Iloilo city../ Most cases were  imported, but the two new cases lived in the same areas as a previous case and caught it here.

Duterte said he doesn't want US Special forces to go with the Pinoy troops fighting the Muslim terrorists.

Then he denied he is breaking ties.

I suspect he plans a full blown battle with the bad guys, and is afraid of the US stopping the fight if "innocent civilians" are around.

Hiding among civilians or using hostages to stop being bombed allowed Russia a foothold in the Middle East against ISIS: They bombed anyway. And it is a little known secret that Sri Lankha managed to stop their nasty Tamil insurgency by throwing out human rights types.

the drug war is putting along... the Inquirer reports that they plan to hit Makati soon. And they will do it politely, even though the gated community in the report included a meth lab and known pushers in the past.

This is where the rich and pc live, so expect fireworks.

Ruby reports the college students/ social media types are up in arms about Duterte's war on drugs and the  killings. It figures.

Although a lot of the killings aren't by the cops, just drive by assasinations by whoever (cops, other druggies, families mad at them for selling drugs to their loved ones).

And he got threatened with impeachment... don't take this seriously... this happens every two weeks with the presidents here. The real threat is if they plot a military coup, something that happens every two to three years...

but this story gives you an idea why the people voted in "the Punisher" instead of the usual elite:

Inquirer story on how a guy guilty of a ten billion peso pork barrel scam got off, using the idea that since the public reelected him, they agreed with his crime.

it is called "condonation": and is usually used in divorce cases where the spouse ignores adultery.

update: I forgot. A lady drug smuggler caught in Indonesia is up for the death penalty, and Duterte refuses to intervene.

As usual, the family cries she was framed, and is innocent. Well, sometimes this is true, but five pounds of heroin is not exactly something that you might not notice.

and the dirty little secret is that poor people are vulnerable to be tempted into easy money by smuggling drugs... and few are ever caught. So Indonesia might want to make an example of her.

Remember: this was not marjuana but heroin, which kills people and destroys those who get addicted to it, and often destroys their families.

Essentially it is first degree murder...

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