Thursday, September 01, 2016

Plank, meet Mote

Duterte will meet with Obama, who has his knickers in a knot about the 2000 reported deaths by policemen here in the Philippines.

The White House had earlier said Obama was likely to raise human rights concerns with Duterte in relation to his tough anti-drug campaign during their meeting on the sidelines of the summit. Asked if he was willing to discuss the human rights concerns with Obama, Duterte said: “It depends to what degree because they must understand the problem first before we talk about human rights.”

Duterte plans to point out the cops murdering thugs in the US is being protested, so clean up your own house first.

But what he should really point out is what some conservatives call the "Fergueson effect": what happens when cops stop going after the bad guys: a huge increase in crime by the bad guys. For example, there has been a huge increase in murders in Chicago: Over 200 this year.. And most of the murders are by drug gangs.

So when Trump pointed this out when a football hero's sister was killed, the SJW had a two minute hate against Trump for not being sympathetic enough. But no two minute hate for the gangs (or their political allies who let them get away with murder).

And the number of murders would be higher if modern medicine didn't save a lot of them.

classical reference in headline.

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