Friday, September 16, 2016

Quiet competence

Sully was the most popular movie last weekend.

Hmm... a movie about quiet competence, not a glitzy superhero. Who wudda thot?

And one hopes the film points out that when the plane landed on the Hudson, they didn't need permission from the President: The first ferry, which was in the middle of the river and saw the landing, arrived within minutes, and was soon joined by other ferries and police launches.

UKMail article on 5th anniversary.

One of the under reported stories of 9-11 was how the NYCity ferries, tugs, and private boats  spontaneously evacuated many of the workers from lower Manhattan.

But, like the Cajun Navy, if that happened today, they'd probably be warned by the Feds that they needed to pass a course and get certified in rescuing passengers from the wing of a sinking plane first.

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