Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Take it back or we'll let China steal Scarboro shoals

Duterte apologizes to President Obama.

Reading from a paper using stilted language.

more here.

But Obama still won't meet with him.

of course, the killings are popular here, because of the slowness of the courts in trying to arrest criminals. Criminals now have a "headsup" they are being hunted.

And as Duterte points out, over half of the killings are not by cops but either drug gangs killing snitches or people delivering their own justice.

and before he criticizes the Philippines, shouldn't he try to clean up Chicago? List of names of the 500 killed in Chicago this year.

ah, but instead of letting the cops stop the killers, Obama loves the BLM type that are defending the rights of drug dealers and gang members from being hassled by the police.

Charles Bronson call your office.

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