Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What to read while the debates are raging

AlasNotMe has an essay on the history of Elves: these are not the elves you are looking for.

a review of the latest Harry Potter book play.

I have trouble reading plays, but some fans have read the book/play on line for your listening pleasure

TeaAtTrianon links to a page discussing the real Eleanor of Aquitaine, as opposed to the legend.

on the other hand, her life as queen of France, Queen of England, and mother of three English kings, not to mention going on the crusade is quite a shock for those who learned in school women of the middle ages were powerless.

You might have seen her played by Katherine Hepburne in a Lion in Winter.

InOurTime discusses her HERE.


SenseOfEventsBlog: Remembering Irene Sendler


As for me, I am reading the Poldark series on Scribd....they also have the audiobook there...

I am up to Warleggan, book 4. Presumably this will be on Season 2.

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