Thursday, October 20, 2016

Family news

heavy rains.. the typhoon is north of here, so not a lot of wind, but the danger is that we will get run off that might flood us. Yesterday, the irrigation canals were empty, which is strange because usually they are full after a rain. Maybe they are preparing to handle the run off flooding by draining the irrigation dams (so they won't fail).

Joy and Ruby went by bus to Manila: Joy for a trade fair and Ruby went to help today and will attend homeschool activities at her base school on Friday.

We will have to wait another month for another hearing on Lolo's will. The good news is that it means we can't be thrown out of our house on a whim.... the law here allows non citizen widows to stay in the homes after the spouses' death, even though they can't own it, but I am not sure what we can do legally to allow this.

Joy, however as a spouse, has to be supported (no divorce law here) so can't be legally thrown out. She had been removed from their apartment without her consent and placed in my home's spare bedroom.

One of the cats or kittens must have died, or else a big rat... bad odor near the place where they hid. Sigh. The other cats are here demanding food, so I don't know where they hid the latest batch of kitties.

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