Sunday, October 02, 2016

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Important stories to read after you finish reading the latest 5 minute hate about Ms Piggy the porn star. playboyBunny.

Did you hear about the Wukan riots in China?

Actually this is an ongoing story, but StrategyPage has a summary here (scroll down).

also analyzes what will China might do when NorthKorea implodes.


Another ongoing story is the sex abuse commission in the UK where they keep firing the one in charge of the commission..

..... VIP's are suspected to be involved, but they included abuse in Catholic and Anglican homes to distract you from pedophilia in secular homes, and that some celebrities and politicians were major abusers.


 Trump did have a microphone problem during the debates.


via Instapundit: COMING SOON TO A USA NEAR YOU: Threat of Canadian Tyranny Against Catholic Hospitals.


also from Instapundit, on Zika (meaning ordinary folks might read it). Zika in early pregnancy has a 1-13% chance of probblems for the baby, but they are estimating a higher percentage if you include "All congenital defects".

the problem? Well, first of all, many cases of Zika are not diagnosed because they are mild or asymptomatic. So the actual rate might be exaggerated.

Two: 3 to 6 percent of all children born have major congenital abnormalities, and if you include "minor" defects the number is higher.


Pope JP2 was a big fighter, warning the world against the culture of death promoted by communism/liberation theology and by those promoting Abortion/euthanasia, and now Pope Francis is warning about the danger of gender theory.


Scientists have found a cure for garlic breath

cgew mints, eat lettuce, or eat an apple.

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