Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Remember the Gulag

TalkingHistory podcast discusses the Gulag this week. mp3

they discuss a lot of different topics, but I linked this week because although Hitler gets a lot of discussions (Professor Bob is doing a series on the rise of the Nazis, for example), the millions killed by Stalin are usually ignored.

For that matter, PolPot and Mao are usually ignored too.
Related item: Drudge links to an article reporting that Russia is holding a huge nuclear war civilian war game type practice. My stepson is worried that this means they plan to go to war with the
 USA, as is the UK news link, but hey, Obama doesn't have the guts and I suspect Trump will make nice with Putin....I've read elsewhere that Putin said that if Russia is targeted by nukes by Middle Eastern terrorists, the Muslims will be nuked back.

Probably hyperbole, but the Russian feud with Islamic terrorists goes back to the Golden Horde, and more recently, the war in Chechnya has spawned terrorist attacks against civilians: and the Russians have long memories...

The good news: Putin is not Stalin.

The bad news: Putin is more like a Czar: Think Peter the great, or Alexander I.... or even Ivan the Terrible (in his good days when he fought the Horde, before he went nuts)...

update: Related item via Instapundit:

Remembering vaclav Havel

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