Sunday, October 23, 2016

Stories below the fold

Think this election is dirty? Dymphna recounts past elections which were worse.

When Andrew Jackson ran for president the public was told that he was bigamist and that his wife, Rachel was a coarse pipe smoking backwoods harlot who would humiliate the country in front of European visitors to the White House. John Quincy Adams was accused of gambling (he bought a chess board and a pool table) and of giving his maid to the Tsar of Russia while he was a diplomat there. There were whispers that James Buchanan's fiancee did not die from illness but committed suicide because of something she learned about Buchanan...

what's past is prologue audiobook of the day: Drugging a Nation.

no, not about Soros' Open Society's plan to legalize all drugs in the USA, but about how the UK pushed Opium on China to weaken that country.

Yeah but you didn't need opium: Cheap gin kept the London slums from rebellion, and cheap whiskey worked to stop the Irish and AmerIndians from winning their many rebellions.


ForWhat they were blog links to an article on the human genome and the migration of ancient humans. For later reading.


The Baby alarm that destroyed Twitter:

Instapundit links to an article on how the devices connected to the "internet of things" were used to take down the internet.

well, it could be worse. They might be controlling your car to cause an accident, or kill you by turning off your pacemaker...


MarkSteyn discusses how taking a selfie when you are getting a facial will result in punishment by the PC.

and NeoNeocon defends the use of makeup.


I don't know about Planet Nibiru, but astronomers are now discussing Planet Nine.


and the UKTelegraph asks the most controversial question of the week:

Did Poldark assault Elizabeth, or was it consensual sex?

it's ambiguous in the book...

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