Wednesday, October 05, 2016

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Michael Totten has a good analysis on why Colombianos voted no to peace with FARC.

the terrorists were losing, so wanted to make nice, but the people said the terms were too nice.

Now the question is if ELF and the drug gangs will give up.

Yes one of their "insurgent" groups is called ELF.
On the other hand, the Philipino insurgency has an even better name: MILF....


The good news: The Syrian insurgency is losing (this includes ISIS)

The bad news: Russia and Iran are the winners.

StrategyPage analysis.

ah but what about those terrible bombings of "civilians"? No, not war crimes, but not letting the bad guys hide among civilians.

The Russians still use the same tactics and since the Russian forces arrived in mid-2015 the air attacks on rebel civilians have increased. This includes attacks on hospitals and aid facilities (including some run by the UN). Russia says these targets were actually being used by rebels, which in some cases is true. Technically if armed men are in any of these “neutral facilities” they lose their legal immunity from air or artillery attack.


via Instapundit:
USS John S McCain visits VietNam.

actually this is old news, since the US military has been visiting and even holding clinics etc. there for years, just like they do in the Philippines.

the real question is if Russia will back China against China's aggression in the west Philippine Sea.

Yes, they are holding naval exercizes there with China, but this is just Putin tweaking Obama while making China happy.

since it is outside their sphere of influence they will probably stay neutral...

On the other hand, the dirty little secret is that Russia is moving into many parts of the world where US influence is waning thanks to President Obama and the NWO types who have the idea that peace in our time will work this time so insist that the Philippines "make nice".

Yes, "peace in our times" strikes again.

So why does Duterte say he wants to make friends with China and RUSSIA, when Russia is such a big friend with China?

...UH OH. Russia are big friends with VietNam...and even have a mutual defense pack with them.

The problem that isn't mentioned a lot: we were never part of China, so we only have to lose our fishing grounds and all the natural gas there, but VietNam was once part of China, and is more wary of an aggressive China.

And Russia too is wary of Chinese slowly trying to take over everywhere they claim China "owned" in the past: does this include the silk road states (that were once part of the USSR) and Siberia?

NYTimes article from 1914 predicted this. more HERE.

and ignore all the hype about a US/Russian WWIII. Putin will not be that stupid.

just something to think about when you read about Kim Kardashian being robbed or that Trumps 20 year old tax return showed he took legal deductions on his tax return.

Don't mess with Hillary.

Dilbert changes his support from Hillary to Trump and gets an organized troll attack and an article criticizing him.

Which is funny since his blog is a satire.
All things considered, I had a great week. I didn’t realize I was having enough impact to get on the Clinton enemies list. I don’t think I’m supposed to be happy about any of this, but that’s not how I’m wired. 
headups AnnAlthouse.

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