Friday, October 28, 2016

the Gratuitous LadyGaga post of the day

Hats are back!

And she is smart enough not to fall into spouting political comments against Donald Trump despite being pushed repeatedly to do this by the BBC interviewer. (She has endorsed Hillary FYI and says she will do a good job, but refuses to criticize Trump or the Trumpettes, probably because she has working class roots).


this seems to be a more toxic political season than usual in the USA:

Ace reports that Esquire did a hit piece against celebrities who "refuse" to endorse candidates.

the aim of it is both chilling and enraging. Repulsive left-wing totalitarians like John Hendrickson want to insert their political agenda into literally every last corner of American life and punish not just those who disagree with them, but also those who wish to simply NOT engage in politics every single waking minute of their day.
As the saying goes, "You will be made to care."

better to keep silent: Look what happened to Dilbet when he didn't toe the line....
you will be noticed by the "#Hillbullies" or even forcibly removed from the social media.

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