Saturday, November 19, 2016

Elvis trivia of the day

Singer, Soldier, usher in a theatre, and "sbabbos goy"?

(translation: Gentile who helps you on the Sabbath).

During Elvis's senior year at Humes High School in Memphis, the Presley family had moved several times, and at one point lived in the bottom floor of a boardinghouse, where their upstairs neighbors were Rabbi Fruchter and his wife.
  Elvis explained to George that he was the Rabbi's "Shabbos goy." He turned the lights on and off and turned the radio on and off for the rabbi and his wife and did odd jobs and errands for the Orthodox family on the Saturday sabbath, when Orthodox Jews were forbidden to engage in certain types of work and activities. 
Yes. My grandmother did these things for her neighbor when my mom was growing up.

Turning on electrical switches doesn't sound like "work", but it the equivalent of starting fires, which is hard work.

Neatorama via Presurfer.

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