Monday, November 28, 2016

Giant Chicken sighting

“Hahn/Cock" debuted in London in 2013. (Copyright EPA/ANDY RAIN, courtesy of the National Gallery of Art)

Well not really a giant Chicken, but a giant cock...i.e. the Hahn/Cock, as in  rooster. Sighted in it's new nest by Professor Mary Beard, of Roman fame.

He gazes off the terrace, more or less in the direction of the Capitol -- as if, we couldn't help thinking, he was making a comment on the current political scene. Come on Washington DC, wake up!
or maybe it's a symbol of the flashy, boastful new President who is willing to attack anyone getting into his way while he struts his stuff, and lives in a house surrounded by beautiful chicks.... place favorite pro or anti Trump metaphor here...

The National Gallery has borrowed the Hahn/Cock rooster from the UK.

"The relocation of this enigmatic monument from its original site in Trafalgar Square will add a surprising blast of color to one corner of the National Mall, while stimulating fascinating conversations about scale, context, nationality, and representation," said Harry Cooper, the gallery's curator and head of modern art, in a release. Renovations of the National Gallery of Art's 35-year-old East Building began three years ago, and are finally coming an end. Hahn/Cock will be the most grandiose work overlooking Pennsylvania Avenue in the museum's new outdoor sculpture garden, which can also be used for people-watching on high with built-in seating.

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