Friday, November 18, 2016

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So how did Trump make money? Lots of negative stories out there that cherry pick stuff, without context. However, this April article on the BBC about Trump and business notes his style of running businesses:

Like his father, Mr Trump has a reputation for saving every penny possible.

parsimonious would be the word I would use...and they point out that his reputation is that you got good quality for the dollar.

and he made money by putting his name on stuff he didn't own.

Merchandizing where the real money is made, to quote Yogurt....

but the graphic in the article says no: His golf related income is the largest amount.


Dilbert advises you to read this article. if you are believing the hyperbole in the media.

Screenwriter Roger Simon writes about the press distortions of the transition team etc.

I just read a lot of the links at Instapundit to see the man behind the curtain.

my favorite: An interviewer at the BBC keeps bringing up the KKK, and is corrected.

My response was what any normal American would say, “I can’t imagine anybody [sic] more marginal to American elections than the KKK.”....but the moderator interrupted me. “So it doesn’t shock you?” I responded why not talk about the influence of the Knights of Columbus?
My interlocutors apparently had no idea what the largest Catholic men’s organization in America might be. The host inquired, was it “another extremist group?”
 well, the Boston Globe noticed them, or maybe I should say they reported how people of faith noticed how Obama and Hillary were out to destroy them.

related item:

Bishop Chaput had an article awhile back about why the US Catholic bishops see Obama's policies as an attack on religious freedom, and that one problem is that words no longer mean the same thing to different people.


Austin Bay has an article about the increasingly violent Islamicist groups in Bangladesh, which is traditionally a more tolerant country.

and recent demonstrations in usually tolerant Indonesia against a Christian/ Chinese ethnic governor for "insulting Islam" suggests they are trying to cause trouble there too...

the VOA has an article that shows that these demonstrations are astroturfed and encouraged by outside groups, aka "muslim charities" who have a larger ageda... some of the protesters supposedly came there spontaneously and were mainly mad about other things, such as land usage... but I wonder: Who inspired them to go to this protest, which had nothing to do with what they are upset about? (uh, maybe a sermon at the local mosque?) and who paid their bus fare?

These groups made a de facto coalition, suggested Mughis in an editorial, because the present administration broadly does not accommodate Muslim conservatism. Their diversity is reflected in their broad base of material support, one which is likely to continue in future planned protests.

ah yes: "Muslim Conservatism". Read Sharia law. Wonder who is encouraging and funding this?

Foreign Policy in Focus 2012: Saudi Money fueling a war their against the Shiite Indonesia.

PBS Frontline report on the Saudi Money fueling terrorism all over the world.

It's Saudi Arabia and its network of charities and the like. The argument I make is that there is an undercurrent of terror and fanaticism that go hand in hand in the Afghanistan-Pakistan arc, and extends all the way to Uzbekistan. And you can see reflections of it in Bosnia, in Kosovo, in Indonesia, in the Philippines.
Saudi Arabia has been the single biggest source of funding for fanatical interpretations of Islam...
For instance, in one madrassa in Pakistan, I interviewed 70 Malaysian and Thai students who are being educated side by side with students who went on to the Afghan war and the like. These people return to their countries, and then we see the results in a short while. ...
At best, they become hot-headed preachers in mosques that encourage fighting Christians in Nigeria or in Indonesia. And in a worst case, they actually recruit or participate in terror acts.
sort of puts that stuff about screening Muslims into perspective,, doesn't it?

Although one might note that the terrorism  in the US was carried out by immigrants or children of immigrants....... and often fellow Muslims had reported these bozos to authorities as dangerous, and were ignored, even when those the ones reported as dangerous had traveled overseas for education at these terrorist linked schools.


StrategyPage on the tiny modern wars that get a lot of publicity, and how NGO's and the press can be more of a problem than a solution.

Yes, been there, done that...


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