Saturday, November 05, 2016

Medical statistics (teenagers)

Source: MMR

the good news: Motor vehicle accidents are way down thanks to safety measures.

The bad news: Suicide in teens is trending.

Ruby tells me a lot of her teenaged friends discuss suicide ideas and one or two had friends who killed themselves. This is among the "tech savvy" middle class teens here so I worry about kids in the USA. A lot of these kids have busy parents who push the kids into achieving things, and the kids despair when they can't make it. Ruby told me the story of a kid who got a bad grade and knew it meat he would lose his scholarship, so he jumped off a roof.

Crazy, but teenagers are like that, and don't see the long term picture (that his parents might love their son even if he is thrown out of school).

And when she tells me that a lot of her friends loved the romance of "Me Before You", I really worry... it is propaganda for "assisted suicide", and very manipulative of emotions. The disability folks have pointed this out, but they are ignored, as are the churches. But the real danger is that it is aimed at romantic oriented teenaged girls, who will be taught the message that suicide is okay.

But doctors know "suicide" is catching: Get one suicide in high school and then a couple more kids decide to copy it. That is why for years doctors discouraged sentimental stories of kids who killed themselves: Because another immature kid will think: When I am dead they will love me too" and you end up with another dead kid.

The depression among teenagers is real, and the suicide rate is highest in teens who often are impulsive, but also in older people, who are now going to be propagandized into suicide.

It will be pushed as "choice" but actually it is because they are useless eaters and hey, why waste money on their care?... in modern western countries those who have no job will be told they have no reason to live if they are sick or frail or a bit slower in the body and mind.

So whose life is it anyhow? Uh, it is God's. Everything that happens is his will, even sickness and death, and you may not know the whole picture until you are in heaven. And the idea of the family as encompassing the elderly as wise advisors to the young no longer is an idea in the west.

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