Friday, November 11, 2016

Philippine and Asian news

China is having a mixed reaction to Trump's election, and there are reports that they are keeping the news quiet. I suspect the backstory of Trump, being against the powers that run the US, is not a story they want to catch on at a time when their new president is trying to consolidate power, get rid of corruption to calm down the many local spontaneous riots against corruption in that country.

this is yesterday's Weibo (Social network) reaction summary.

Lots of different points of views, and keep in mind that this is the government approved social media.

in my last post, I mentioned US cultural imperialism.

So deep in the middle of the report you find this snippet:

OFFICIAL STATE MEDIA “What Chinese Americans Say About Trump’s Victory: ‘Now I can finally safely go to the toilet'” 
So it's not just backward Christians who worry about Obama's push toward genderless bathrooms.


I lived through the 1960's so am ignoring the "riots" in the USA. In the 1960's a lot of these were inspired by red diaper babies, a culture where it was "hip" to destroy all the rules of the old fuddy duddies, (read "free sex! Get high! Hate the cops) and attended by students who were against the draft. Besides, taking off from school to demonstrate is fun.

So the riots are huge headlines here, but the local news (ABSCBN) reporter on TV said most of those in LA he talked to were not Hillary supporters, but people who hated Trump.

The usual idiots. Guess they prefer to obey the "man behind the mirror", and not join with Wikileaks who points out that Trump is not on their side, but hey, at least  he isn't their puppet.

This too will pass, since one doubts there will be a grass roots groundswell to support them, even if Hillary won "the popular vote", i.e. a vote that includes stuffed ballot boxes, irregularities in mail in votes and machines, and dead voters. Yes, I'm cynical, but then I remember when 40 thousand dead voters in Chicago resulted in Kennedy being president instead of Nixon..

so expect the NWO types to push for "popular vote" so their city machines can arrange votes to elect the president, and ignore all those despicables in flyover country.


The Local soap opera here in Asia is a Congressional hearing on the death of an imprisoned drug lord/ ex mayor in a prison riot. Assassination? the Inquirer includes this snippet:

Espinosa, who had been linked to the illegal drug trade and had executed an affidavit implicating top government officials, was shot dead in his cell at the for allegedly shooting at police police officer who were serving him a search warrant. 
So was he killed by crooked cops because he wanted to turn states' evidence against an even bigger politician? Inquirer story here.

Duterte started with the low lifes, and as I said, the local drug rehab is around the corner from us. But now he is going against the big shot politicians so things might get dangerous for him. ManBul report here.

Duterte is happy Trump will be president, since he figures he won't make a big thing about the human rights of drug pushers and drug lords, and won't try to push the Philippines into a war with China after four years of refusing to help stop China from building those islands off our coast.


Trump will probably kill or revise the TPP and the Manila Bulletin has this article about how the big shots in Asia are worried. 

so do I want my old next door neighbor in Oklahoma to have a job in a local call center, or do I want the granddaughter of our next door neighbor here to have a job in a Makati call center.

they note that private businesses can't be stopped by a president. No, but he can change the laws to make the US more business friendly so they can be competitive using US labor.


The ABS CBN report on how Hillary can "win" the popular vote yet lost the election don't understand the electoral college is to let the people outside the populous cities have a large say in who gets elected, in a similar way that the Senate is two votes per state so Rhode Island is just as powerful as Texas.

Here, they are still talking about a ConCon to Cha cha (constitutional convention to charter change) so we would be a parliamentary system like the UK instead of having a president elected by highest vote (and with a half dozen parties, the winner only getting one third of the vote).

America is a republic, with split powers, based on the ideas of the ancient Roman republic, not a democracy, which is unstable and leads to demagogues manipulating the crowds to wield power.

The founding fathers knew this, but hey, just like taking "religion" out of schools so kids don't know their moral heritage, they also ignore the Greco Roman basis of civilization.


StrategyPage has an article on China trying to hack the US Navy computer sytems.

well, why not? They have thousands of Federal pesonnell files including mine, so of course they'll try to hack the military.

Because of Wikileaks, Hillary at the last minute was warning that Russia might hack the voting machines.

How dare they release (true) dirt on her?!

Hillary didn't take computer security seriously: The latest gag about it was that she had her Filipina house keeper print out top secret stuff for her.

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