Thursday, November 24, 2016

Philippine news: Onions and drugs and banks, tra la

Onions smuggled in or brought in via permits obtained by bribing officials is a major issue here.

so is this "trade protectionism" going against the NWO or is it a way to keep our farmers from going bankrupt?

The Rock Weeps:

Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa, nicknamed Bato or the Rock, was reduced to tears during the Senate hearing yesterday as suspected drug lord Kerwin Espinosa bared the involvement of police officers in drug trafficking. “Hiyang-hiya na ako (I’m so ashamed),” said Dela Rosa after Espinosa named over a dozen police officers, particularly those assigned in Eastern Visayas who allegedly received bribes to protect the illegal drug operations in the region.

more at the Manila Inquirer 

 Espinosa said that in exchange for protection, he paid off De Lima, retired Chief Supt. Vicente Loot, one of the top officials President Duterte had accused of involvement in the illegal drug trade, as well as three police officers who were implicated in the killing of his father, Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr.
Espinosa, who fled the country in June fearing for his life after Mr. Duterte promised a relentless war on narcotics, finally faced the Senate committee investigating the death of his father during a police raid on the Leyte subprovincial jail on Nov. 5. 

and yes, he named the lovely vixen who is encouraging the UN to stop the drug war as being deep in this dirty business.

And she faces more bad news: Her driver/lover has been arrested.

The country awaits the next chapter in this ongoing saga.

will he spill the beans?

will he have a suspicious accident in jail?

Will the lovely vixen flee the country? but to where? 
and where are her secret bank accounts?

All of these hearings are broadcast live on TV here, and on some stations rebroadcast in the evening. Lolo used to watch these televised investigations religiously, often snorting: "They're all crooks" to explain what the problem was...

He probably would have voted for Trump, figuring he at least was an open crook who didn't hide his shennangans, whereas Hillary quietly was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes indirectly via giving speeches or via donations to the Clinton Foundation.


speaking of banks:ABS CBN reports: Six bankers have been implicated in the scam to steal and launder a couple million dollars from Bangladesh last year and they are being "investigated". Maybe one of these days someone will actually be arrested.


The electronic thieves in February shifted $81 million from the bank's account with the US Federal Reserve in New York to the Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC) in Manila in one of the world's biggest bank heists. The money was transferred to four accounts at an RCBC branch from where it was funnelled into local casinos, according to regulators who fined the bank a record $21 million in August.
of course as this July 2016 Reuters article noted it wasn't just a Philippine screwup: no one in NYCity noticed anything wrong despite minor errors until someone used a word that flagged up Homeland security in the request..

and the backstory is how did the casinos get a pass from a reformist president to be exempt from money laundering laws here? Rappler story of course.

And that good old lefty Archbishop Cruz has been a long opponent of the gambling fad here. AsiaNews article 2004.

Rappler had an article about him in 2012 also... Lots of controversy there about the state of the church, good and bad.

He is one of the old line JP2 bishops who meddled in politics and stood up to the powerful, and he was especially vocal, even naming names until the first husband of a certain lovely female president had the lovely ladies who "volunteered" to wait on his birthday party for free sue him for libel. (our strict libel law keeps a lot of rumors out of the press... something to remember the next time you read about the US push to censor "fake news").

 in 2012 he warned about the casinos being a danger to the country, pointing out their link to the drug trade.

he hasn't changed: PhilStar article 2016. he has an ongoing feud with Duterte.

Crux news on the church in the Philippines. The Philippine diaspora are the new Irish, taking their faith with them to other countries.

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