Thursday, November 17, 2016

Philippine news: The Sugar Mommy

Guess who just admitted her affair with her driver was true, but it was okay: Her marriage was annulled and he was separated from his wife.

The comments about this being adultery and hence illegal are hilarious, since  if you jailed every politician/businessman here who had a "second wife", we wouldn't be able to run the place.

and the consensus is that the X rated video is a fake, or as Dan Rather would put it "Fake but true"...

But what is not being discussed: This is sexual harassment, since the driver was under duress to say yes or lose his job.

And of course, the problem that he might have been her bagman, and collected money from those in prison, and was involved with the drug trade: Well, she wouldn't know anything about that...

and this Oct12 news article claims he has disappeared, and taken his 12 fighting cocks with him.

more background: The riot in a local prison resulted in a drug lord dead and an "asset" linked to her being wounded... which stopped him from testifying to a gov't committee. link2

A lawmaker called on the police to investigate Senator Leila De Lima for her involvement in the Bilibid riot that almost killed her “asset,” drug lord Jaybee Sebastian.
In a press briefing led by the minority bloc at the House of Representatives, Kabayan Rep. Harry Roque said he found it suspicious that the riot happened just when the House justice committee summoned the convicted carnapper Sebastian for the inquiry in aid of legislation on the proliferation of drugs at the Bilibid.
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 the driver, who was reported dead in some reports, is suspected as hiding in his home territory, probably hidden by some local politicians.

in other news, there is a worry about Trump deporting the estimated 200 thousand Filipinos living illegally in the USA. Duterte says he trusts Trump to be fair in this matter.

the economy here is starting to pick up, but one worries what would happen if a couple hundred thousand unemployed people suddenly came back.

It's not just from the USA: This is on top of worries about OFW returning from the Middle East, not just fleeing war but also laid off due to the low price of oil.
so it's not just Mexico who has illegals working hard in the USA and sending money home to support their families.

But I suspect that part ("working hard") will be the difference, as it did in the 1986 amnesty. And I suspect that Trump will get away with not deporting millions of illegals who are working at jobs and not criminals, as long as the borders are strengthened.

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