Sunday, November 13, 2016

Philippine news

4000 dead in the drug wars here in the Philippines, so the UN plans to investigate.

Just ignore the much larger death toll in Mexico: 15000 dead in the first 6 months so far this is so bad that armed vigilantes have started fighting back.

presumably the lovely lady who has big ties with drug money, funneling it through her driver/lover,  will feed a lot of information to the UN.

in my previous post I mentioned a guy killed while in prison by the cops when they got a search warrant to search his cell and resisted. This article explains the back story.

Suspected drug lord Rolando “Kerwin” Espinosa Jr. will identify at least 12 more big-time names in the drug trade, all of which are top government and military officials, according to former whistleblower Sandra Cam.
In a media forum in Quezon City on Tuesday, Cam said this information was obtained by a Philippine National Police team who interrogated Espinosa in Abu Dhabi, where he was nabbed on Oct. 17 a tip-off from an oversea Filipino worker there. “There are sitting governors, congressmen… and even military generals,” Cam said, calling them “big fish.”

also from the Inquirer: why was the guy in a jail where he could be easily killed?

The Supreme Court will investigate two Eastern Visayas judges for the killing of Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr. one for failing to act on his request for a jail transfer and the other for the search warrant issued to the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG). 
they take care of their own.

Of course this works the other way: Duterte is openly dissing the powerful Aquino clan. First, he lets Marcos get a war hero funeral. Then he makes nice with Gloria. Then he misses and exclusive interview with Kris Aquino because he has a headache.
also in the news here: Duterte and Trump have a lot in common: their love of beautiful women and a foul mouth... .and the backing of the ordinary folks, not the ones on twitter and the social media.

in other news: The economy is booming, several article claim. link2

Well, we are building covered ditch sewers to stop the flooding every time we have a heavy rain, and the mayor claims he is supplying help for school and health care.

So we are either richer, or the money is going into infrastructure improvement instead of the politician's pockets.

now, if they only could stop the corruption that allows the importation of onions that is decimating the local farmer's profits. from the Manila Times:

BONGABON, Nueva Ecija: More than 1,000 onion growers from the provinces of Nueva Ecija, Pangasinan and Tarlac staged a rally here on Friday to protest against an alleged syndicate involving some agriculture officials and onion traders engaged in selling import permits (IPs).

and this is the legal importation: A lot of onions (and other types of food) are also smuggled in illegally.

We also have a problem with "organic" food being sold by people using chemicals. Chemicals let you grow a larger crop cheaper (which is why I don't oppose modern agricultural methods per se) but then they sell it as "organic" and cause financial hardship with those who follow the rules.

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