Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Philippine news

well, we got in the news again thanks to a  well placed bomb in Manila.

After it went off, I spotted a US AP report blaming the military here for it: at least that is what the headline suggested: a look into the story blamed a raid on an Islamic terror cell in the south. More about that attack and the ongoing war against those who bombed a market in Davao HERE.

I  haven't been in the new Embassy yet, but usually the US Embassies are in the midst of a park for security reasons. So way back when I adopted my kids, one went off in Bogata: a FARC bomb managed only to kill those passing by to get into a nearby out building near the street to get Visas... the actual Embassy was 1000 yards away.

Just ignore that "it might be communists or the other nonsense in the linked article.

Nah. The NPA is friendly with Duterte when they only want social justice, and they usually don't attack innocent civilians: They only bomb bus companies who didn't pay them a revolutionary tax (AKA Bribe). The real problem is the NPA in areas where they are unpopular and have to resort to drug pushing and kidnapping. The war on drugs is hitting them hard. So yes, one bomb could be NPA. But since it is an IED, the Abus are the biggest suspects.

the AP has this breathless propaganda piece on "the New NPA", who are "Maoists". Typical story about the wonderfulness of the rebels that one usually reads in the leftist press of the west.

It's from the Inquirer, but at the end of the story (printed in the editorial section) they add a disclaimer note they don't necessarily agree with the article. The comments are interesting, including one that notes that the "rebels" in the Photos are wearing new Chinese style uniforms...complete with nametag. Now, my mom use to work for a company that embroidered nametags etc. They require specialized expensive machinery. So where was the nametag made?

I should note that old style US fatigues are sold at the used clothing stores here for a pittance, and last forever, whereas the cheap thin green material in the photo suggest they are Chinese communist uniforms, and they appear to be brand new...so why the change in uniform, unless someone is supplying it? So who is paying for all of this? hmm... nope, no mention in the article about "revolutionary taxes" aka protection money, or if they got their funding from illegal drugs or kidnapping or robberies...wonder why? Of course, they article mourns that they said some of their members were killed as drug pushers but were innocent.

Yes, and a dollar will buy you a bridge in Brooklyn.

The main news in the Inquirer is that Bato (police head's nickname: Bato means Rock) is "praying for rain" tomorrow... a huge demonstration against burying Marcos is expected on Wednesday, a big patriotic holiday: Bonefacio day.

the rain (and street flooding) helped keep last Friday's protest in check, so he's hoping tomorrow's protest will stay calm too.

of course, the news that ERAP, who is now mayor of Manila, has ordered all the traffic cops to resign won't help matters. They took bribes and extorted drivers. Heh. Local response: Takes one to know one, hey Erap?

There is a danger the protest against Marcos' burial will shut down Manila, but hey, nothing new with that. So does the Black Nazarene procession and rallies by the InC church. And protests here are common. You can buy a protester for ten dollars a day or even less to make your crowd look larger.  But I should note that the anger against Marcos remains, so this will probably huge and a genuine protest.

Marcos has enough enemies that one suspects they will find a lot of willing protesters, not only locals, but middle class, students and coming in from leftist activist groups who were called communist back then, and had some of their members harmed. So there will be many who will actually protest for nothing.

Marcos' is not local: His family rules up north, where he is still popular and his clan runs the place. All politics is local, and clans run the provinces. Cooperate and they give you loot/ protection and money to help your village.

We have our ordinary militants who do low level damage, but the real worry is the local "reverts" to Islam.

Saudi "converted" some Filipinos who worked there to Islam and has managed to recruit a bunch into terrorism... at least one terror cell was taken down a couple years ago. These "Reverts" are the ones most worried about, since most are Tagalog speaking locals and can blend in (they speak a different dialect in the south).

ABS CBN has a list of terror attacks LINK including the note on this link:

-- February 2005: The Abu Sayyaf, with help from a group of radical converts to Islam, launches coordinated attacks on Valentine's Day that kill at least 12 people in Manila's financial hub of Makati and in General Santos city, which is more than 1,000 kilometres (620 miles) south of the capital.

so how has Obama responded? By removing money to help our police.

and by Duterte with the International Criminal courts about "5000" drug murders. Only half of these were police raid related: I suspect a lot are payback, by family members or by cops who know these guys get away with a lot of murder and robberies. NPR laments here: the story is more balanced than a lot of stories I have seen in the MSM of the US.

The US press found a photo of a dead girl supposedly killed by druggies, and exposed it as a fake. Well, I guess I should have taken a photo of the 17 year old girl killed by her jealous druggie boyfriend in the local cemetery. These murders are not rare, but are local news.

Drugs and terror and crime...These things are connected: And come down to one thing: Corruption. And by going against the drug trade and those who take bribes to look the other way, the public is cheering Duterte on.

which is why that old leftie Bishop Cruz, who often writes against the Obama administration's cultural imperialism pushing population control and anti family laws on the Philippines, has an article discussing the gay dilemma. He defends the rights of those with sexual identity disorder as those who often didn't chose to be that way, in contrast to the real sinners here.

  Compared to sexually misbehaving persons with GID, theirs is a much  lesser evil vis-a-vis the graft and corrupt practices of many public officials, the goons with their guns in the streets, the drug lords and their minions.

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