Thursday, November 10, 2016

PSST: War is going on while you watched the election

Austin Bay has an article on the ongoing liberation of Mosul, and the atrocities the Iraqi army is finding there, including mass graves and evidence they are masscreing people and taking "hostages" AKA "Human shields" as they retreat.

Reports of the discovery of mass murder in Hammam al-Alil broke near-simultaneously on internet websites. Reporters and stringers for western news services and Iraqi media accompanying the advancing Iraqi Army unit that discovered the mass gravesite. Via smart phone they rapidly reported what they saw and what the soldiers suspected. 
 So ponder that for a moment. Iraq is still a political mess. It is threatened by Iranian intrigue and domestic ethnic and religious conflict. 
However, an Iraq where reporters and stringers for independent news services accompany Iraqi troops is a far different political mess than it was when Saddam Hussein ruled the country. Saddam killed with ISIS-like brutality and terror. That is a fair statement. In fact, several senior ISIS commanders were once Saddam loyalists.

Italics mine...that last part was ignored when the "anti war" types decided to turn against Bush and indeed, was ignored by many American reporters or by those who overlooked Saddam's atrocities and plans to reignite the war.

I post this for two reasons:

One: With a Republican president, expect these major atrocities be ignored while smaller numbers of death by accident will be proclaimed by the press. Already the anti war left is sharpening their knives to get Trump condemned.

There is a good chance that Trump will make nice with Putin and actually win the war against ISIS. The Russians have been fighting Islamoterrorism for 700 years and have a long memory...

Two: Am I the only one who thinks Bob Dylan got a Nobel Prize, not because he was a great poet, but because he was a big shot in the anti war protests of the 1960's?  Just overlook the mass graves of 20 thousand civilians in Hue after the Tet Offensive, and of course the ten million refugees who fled the communist takeover..


Update: American Thinker article on how Hillary helped fuel Isis and the war in Syria For later reading.

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