Friday, November 04, 2016

Snarky photo of the day

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yes, the scandal even got it's own Wikipedia page.

actually, I feel sorry for Huma, and even more sorry for her son. Sigh.

It brings up a lot of questions? Was he married before or lived with women: how did he treat them?

  His ex girlfriend insists he was a good "friend". (Friend? Honey, answer the real question everyone want to know...) but that still leaves a ten year gap between her dating him and his marriage to Huma.
In this interview, she criticizes the clueless men who blame Huma that he is addicted to text porn (implying that if she was home, he wouldn't have done it).

Nonsense: I agree with her: Porn is everywhere. Hookers are cheap, high class hookers are all over the place, and if he wants to be traditional, he could have gotten a "second wife" as we call them here in the Philippines: a regular girlfriend as a mistress.

So why did he marry Huma? Probably to advance his political career.

And why did a good Muslim girl marry a Jewish man? That is sort of taboo for pious Muslims (it is taboo for Catholics too, although you can easily get permission to do so. The reason is not Judism per se but because of the complications of having different religions can bring to a marriage and the question of which faith the children should be raised in).

Does this suggest she was getting older and desperate, or that he swept her off her feet?

( conspiracy theorists say it was a political marriage of convenience for her also, but as a woman I don't think you go so far to have a baby with a guy in a marriage of convenience. She must have like the guy).

on the other hand, one has to wonder about her willingness to publicize their wonderful marriage: she's had a lot of puff stories written about her, such as this  this puff story in August's People magazine about their story book marriage.

All so sordid, but then so too was Monica's blue dress.

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