Tuesday, November 15, 2016

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If you want to find out about the Soros/money link to the "spontaneous" protests, (link2   link3) check out links from Drudge, and also Instapundit.

my take: Trump and Putin discuss taking out ISIS, but the Democrats are busy trying to take out the real enemy: Republicans.

Don't point at me: I'm a Bernie voter, sort of... no write in on the OK ballot so I stayed home. But thanks to the aggressive phone calls from the "Democrats Abroad", my step son was instructed on how to vote and helped swing Pennsylvania to the Trump column...

and what no one is pointing out: Protesting not only makes you feel superior to the HoiPolloi, but rioting is fun... a lot more fun than studying and going to class.


conspiracy sites report that three million illegals voted in the election. Probably exaggerated, but until this is examined, and the overseas ballots are counted fairly, we won't know if Hillary won the "popular vote".

and of course, this doesn't include all those dead voters, whose ability to vote have been joked about for at least fifty years.

The overseas ballots include the military, and here in the Philippines, the ex military retirees, so usually swing Republican and the dirty little secret is often they are not counted because they would not change the outcome so why bother.., or are "late" thanks to the slowness of snail mail so called ineligible...


but don't worry: Sense of Events blog notes: We're all gonna die from the Big Rip

UKTelegraph link:

A group of scientists claim to have evidence supporting the Big Rip theory, explaining how the universe will end – in 22 billion years. ...“The idea of the Big Rip is that eventually even the constituents of matter would start separating from each other. You’d be seeing all the atoms being ripped apart ... it’s fair to say that it’s a dramatic scenario,” Dr Marcelo Disconzi told the Guardian.

the good news about Trump's policies: The copyright cops will lose if the TPP is trashed.

more good news: The risk of heart attacks is down 20 percent since 1980..

Probably due to treating high blood pressure, lower smoking rates, and the use of Statins to lower cholesterol.

and probiotics could improve the mental status of those with Alzheimers.

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