Thursday, December 22, 2016

Family news

Ruby was out with friends last night and came back at 9 pm... I heard the dogs barking and went outside with George, our killer lab...luckily he was on a leash so didn't attack the kids.

Joy went to Manila yesterday afternoon to attend a conference and then a Christmas party for her workers in Bulacan.

Lots of goodies to eat, since it is Christmas... not the time to diet.

The Philippines is shutting down so everyone can visit family, and should reopen after January 2 or 3rd, except for us: Our fiesta is the Three Kings in early January.

And then later in January, Manila shuts down for the Black Nazarene procession and Cebu shuts down for El Nino..
With all the terrorist threats in Europe, we should be afraid, but you know, we are under constant threat, so no big deal.

the new mayor is spending money to spiff up the city square down the street... the playground was removed to plant grass, but we hope it will be put back for the kids once the grass and other renovations are done.

They also have extended an area outside the park that will be one foot above the ground level, and are building kiosks... I don't know if the plan is to let the Monday palenke vendors a cleaner, drier area, or if it will be for all the food vendors to use. Now, if they would only clean out the ditch on the west side of the old city hall (the new drug rehab center)....

the news here is a "tropical depression" that may hit the Visayas for the holiday weekend. That means rain and flooded streets.

and Buzzfeed has an article on why Christmas in the Philippines is the best.

ok: Altogether now:

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