Monday, December 05, 2016

Hitler was a druggie

That is actually well known to docs, but the extent of methamphetamine abuse in Nazi Germany wasn't limited to Hitler, nor to the troops who took it to stay alert.

There is a well known fact that the US used short term stimulants during WWII, and they are supposed to be use even to present time so that pilots can stay alert... leading to a few tragic "friendly fire" type accidents.

But drugs were also used a lot in war in the past.

and now drug use is a big undiscussed problem in the Middle East. The article mainly mentions meth, and the UKMail mentions ISIS' use of cocaine, but TheSTonedSociety webpage has a long article about drugs in today's war in the Middle East.

AlJ has an article based on a recently published book that discusses these facts well known to doctors and soldiers but little discussed in the public and includes a lot of stuff from history.

The Shabu (meth) epidemic in Asia is growing, which is why Duterte is so eagar to stop it. So many of our OFW travel all over the world that the Philippines is already a drug shipping hub. As usually happens, a lot of it is sold locally, which has exacerbated the murders associated with robberies which in the past were common but not especially violent, not to mention the corruption associated with the drug trade.

Of course, I am old enough to remember when "meth" wasn't a controlled substance. Then truckers who took it started hallucinating and getting in accidents and they clamped down on it.

College students would use it to study then would have to crash, because stopping it you ended up severely depressed. So often they smoked marijuana to get through the depression and then the cycle started again.

My father worked for a small dental company merged with a larger one that manufactured drugs, and one day he mentioned they were shipping meth to clinics in Mexico, presumably to be resold in the USA...

like all drugs, using small amounts carefully, especially if you are using it to correct a problem (i.e. mild depression in the elderly, as diet pills, ADHD) is not a problem for society. But the abuse and psychological addiction problems are real.


Did I tell you our town's drug rehab site is around the corner from our house?

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