Friday, December 02, 2016

Missing girls not missing?

via StrategyPage:

Sometimes corruption serves a useful function. This is rare, but it happens. A recent example is the discovery (by statistics experts) that about half the “missing girls” resulting from a major population control program were not missing. In many parts of the country local officials would overlook unregistered females in return for a bribe or simply to have a family owe them a favor. But as these female infants grew up they began to show up in population statistics and that was how the corrupt practice was discovered.
but the overabundance of men in today's China does exist, and often leads to getting women, either willingly or by stealth/kidnapping from rural areas or in nearby countries.

another side effect of the one child policy is a labour shortage:

It’s not just brides who are moving to China, eight million workers moved to China in 2014, increasing the foreign born population 263 million and that movement continues. It’s these migrants that will become increasingly important in the next few decades for dealing with the labor shortage.

according to Wikipedia, most of the 140 000 Filipine OFW are in Hong Kong, mainly as domestic help.

ironically, Chinesee law won't allow outsiders as domestic helpers.

we have relatives working as nurses in Macao.

one of the dirty little secrets is that Nixon and the New world order types were the ones who influenced China's one child policy, and even funded it via third parties. True, the NSSM200 doesn't name China, but the idea was sold to their government and implemented.

this article has a lot of biased language but essentially the facts are true about the population control mindset in the US/UN/UK etc. and how these ideas were implemented in China.

The article also notes the economic problems in China, and their growing middle class, something that is new in Chinese history.

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