Friday, December 16, 2016

Pasta science

Improbable research reports on how to use pasta to explain polarimetry
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“Our experience of explaining polarimetry to the general public is that they frequently ask how molecules rotate light, which is difficult to explain using non-technical language. Therefore we were keen to find an analogous large scale system which mimicked the polarimeter and used everyday left- and right-handed objects.”

• See: The World’s First “Pastarimeter”: An Analogous Demonstration of Polarimetry Using Pasta Fusilli J. Chem. Educ., 2002, 79 (10), p 1214.
more pasta science at link, including:
• Also see: Pasta’s place in the history of superconductivity


 Nuclear Pasta (a type of degenerate matter found within the crusts of neutron stars) at Wikipedia :
“When the gnocchi phase is compressed, as would be expected in deeper layers of the crust, the electric repulsion of the protons in the gnocchi is not fully sufficient to support the existence of the individual spheres, and they are crushed into long rods, which, depending on their length, can contain many thousands of nucleons. Immersed in a neutron liquid, these rods are known as the spaghetti phase. Further compression causes the spaghetti phase rods to fuse, and form sheets of nuclear matter. This is called the lasagna phase.”

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