Thursday, December 15, 2016

Philippine news

The local NEJournal has an article about the large drug rehab center opened in nearby Fort Magsaysay.

it also has an article that the funding is party via Hulang Rulun.

So who is Mr Rulun? a local Chinese tycoon.

Asia Times article here

and this is important to understand why Duterte cursed out Obama:

For the Philippines leader, Huang’s support for the rehabilitation centers is in sharp contrast to the criticism of Duterte’s drugs war by the United States and other Western nations. China, Duterte said, had offered help “without boasting, without news, without publicity.” “This is how you treat your friends,” he said in a speech. “You do not go about reprimanding.”
It is Christmas, so I am not spending time in the news, but the NYTimes had a hit piece on Duterte's war on drug related murders, and I hear "100 Global Foreign policy thinkers" just awarded the lovely lady in the news an award (in contrast, here she is a laughing stock here for sleeping with her driver and is suspsected of using him as a go between to get kick backs from drug dealers...)

of course, others who got the award include other globalists approved leaders like Hillary, Baby Trudeau, Merkel, and a transgender lawmaker no one has ever heard of but who is being honored for bragging about his/her psychiatric problem in public and getting elected anyway.

the rumor is that the award was via friends of friends of the now VP, and the idea is that if they can undermine Duterte, she will become President, in the same way that lovely Gloria became president by throwing out ERAP.

in the US, there is a push to see marijuana as "harmless", (put Soros money/Open Society agenda of legalizing all drugs everywhere... this is an open secret for years, but also rarely mentioned in the MSM)....Illegal drugs make corruption of officials and cops worse, but the Soros minions insist just legalize and tax them and voila, no problem.


But what is being ignored in the MSM discussion of drugs if this:

“Drugs have always been a public hazard worldwide,” (Huang) said in comments emailed to Reuters by a company official. “They hurt people’s bodies and disrupt social order.”

Drug use is not just killing people by overdose (and by Hepatitis C and by HIV) but by destroying families, by destroying communities, by gang related crime (as in Chicago, where drug gang murders are ignored by the BLM folks), not to mention one million children brought up by relatives or in foster care because mom is too high to care for the kid.

In the meanwhile the back story of meth/crack and now heroin abuse is being covered up. Some black lawmakers once blamed Crack on the CIA and/or the gov't trying to destroy the inner city, but that story disappeared with Obama. So is the heroin problem also a government conspiracy against middle America? (no, I don't think it is a conspiracy as much as not a priority to stop).

Ah, but the "opioid" abuse was "recognized" by the FDA and blamed on doctors. We got oodles of guidelines not to give out pain pills, while legalizing "assisted suicide" for people in pain. Duh. My cynical take: a twofer. use the narc excuse to keep docs in line to obey guidelines of Obamacare on everything, while eliminating those expensive useless eaters.

Essentially the meme in the MSM was that evil doctors were behind the abuse, but the real story is that the heroin and opiod analogues are being smuggled in from Mexico.

Of course, if you admitted the open border with Mexico might be a reason for the smuggling, (not to mention the influx of Hispanic gangs who terrorize black inner city neighborhoods in LA and white folks in the midwest) you would have to admit Trump might be right.

The violence in Mexico is an undercovered story too, as is the involvement of the Mexican cartels in the Opioid and meth epidemics, with help from China.

A lot of the illegal drugs here  and in other place around the world, and this doesn't include the problem with providing precursor chemicals, also from China.

China is also fighting their own drug problem. And China has a major problem with corruption, meaning that those making substandard, counterfeit, or illegal stuff can get away with it. President Xi's fight against corruption is another undercovered story in the US MSM... but it might get some notice now that Trump has appointed a friend of Xi to be their next Ambassador.

In the meanwhile, here in the Philippines, Duterte continues to be popular among ordinary folks.

Duterte is wrong to look the other way when vigilantes pay back local low level pushers while ignoring the big shots involved, but you know, every day there is another headline of a big shot whose case is thrown out of court or the courts decide they are innocent (and often these cases are years old when tried, meaning the witnesses have been paid off or disappeared).


been there, done that: every time I visti Lolo's grave, I have to pass the huge Mausoleum of the ex mayor who was behind the hit that killed our nephew in the crossfire, but stayed out of jail even though he was indicted.

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