Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Science stuff below the fold

sciencedaily articles.

YoYo dieting makes the brain think you are living in a famine prone area, so adjusts the appetite to put on weight to live through the next famine.


Hemophiliacs lack a gene needed to clot blood. A recent experiment replaced the gene. Could this be a cure?

ues it could but the actual technique used is not mentioned. Previous experiments didn't work because the body's autoimmune system destroyed the new protein.


doctor burn out reaching epidemic proportions.

Burnout is a major problem in the healthcare industry and is often driven by excessive workload, imbalance between job demands and skills, a lack of job control and prolonged stress

the modern stress on economics in medicine, plus the pressure from insisting paper work be done in minute detail means your attention is switched from caring for the patient to documenting the disease.

Most of us didn't go into medicine to do paperwork.

And now, we are required not to treat the patient, but to obey the guidelines or else.


Baby boomers smoke weed as they get older. Actually most of them started as teenagers and just kept smoking, not new users. But the use has gone way up in recent years: This is probably because we pre 1960's folk are getting older, and the boomers got older too, so it's not so much that they usage has increased as the population changed to include these druggies.

what is not mentioned: The actual rate of use.

The danger is lowered ability to think as the brain ages.


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