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Stories on important trends below the fold

It's not just those who have sex outside of marriage who will get a wink and a nod from the "Francis-church" under the guise of "mercy"..

now people who are sick and discouraged (and who can't get decent pain relief thanks to the narcotic clamp down) and those who are just old or crippled and made to feel a burden to their relatives will have priests bless them and tell to just do it.



WWJD? Kill''em all?

No, he'd take care of them, as did Mother Teresa, Cecily Saunders, Leonard Cheshire, Jean Vanier, Rose Hawthorn, Vincent de Paul....

or of the many, many nameless people who lovingly care for their sick, handicapped or elderly relatives or close friends.

Yes, Pope Francis condemned such killings, noting that they are just another example of the "throwaway" cultures of the modern world.

In a culture that is increasingly “technological and individualistic,” some tend to “hide behind alleged compassion to justify killing a patient,” the Pope told health professionals from Spain and Latin America on June 9. “True compassion does not marginalise, humiliate or exclude, much less celebrate a patient passing away,” the Pope said. “You know well that would mean the triumph of selfishness, of that ‘throwaway culture’ that rejects and despises people who do not meet certain standards of health, beauty or usefulness.”
But words are easy: Will he (or his minions) condemn these bishops for their co enabling of killing of the sick? Maybe even ask them to resign? I suspect not. Indeed the opposite is more likely.

Anyone who is Catholic is bound to notice the Pope's minions are busy blasting the bishops who are defending the faith as being rigid and hateful, not blasting bishops who wink at sin.

If I am cynical, maybe it's because one of the "leaders" of the "bishop's meeting on family" was one of Francis' friends who covered up pedophilia and did nothing when his country legalized abortion and euthanasia. Some even see a conspiracy behind all of this, and say that the church being hijacked by a coterie of "reformers",  Hmm... Sounds like the conspiracy stuff Malachi Martin proephecized 20 years ago ....

St. Athanasius once said: The path to hell is paved with the skulls of bad bishops.  so nothing new with any of this...


StrategyPage on the Philippines.

a lot more accurate than the headlines that you are probably reading.

and China just stole a USNavy Drone.

Uh, China, Trump isn't president yet. Try it again in six weeks...

and they also have this article, about drone strikes that target the propaganda leaders of ISIL

SteveGreen notes that Salon blames President Trump for this.

Hey, President Donald Trump: Do you know where your bombs are falling? 

amazing: Not yet president and already being blamed for stuff.

It's not just Russian hackers

 Several states confirm being hacked by the Feds.

headsup SteveGreen (instapundit)


Connect the dots: synthetic THC aka Zombie drug is sending folks to the hospital.

But unless you google, you wouldn't know:

 It goes by many names - K2, Spice, Bizarro, Scooby Snax, Kryp2nite and Stoopid, to name but a few - and it is setting off alarm bells across the United States. Imported primarily from China, synthetic marijuana is being cited by police and public health officials for a dramatic surge in potentially lethal overdoses and drug-related offences nationwide.
more HERE
Not all of the MSM are busy pushing the PC meme: The Miami Herald actually did some on the ground reporting on the problem.(2015).


STEM is hard. Stem stands for Science, tehcnology, enginerring and math.

So the PC snowflakes insist you need to add "Art" so that girls who don't like to study hard stuff won't feel left out.

this is being pushed by fluffy feminists (of both sexes) who think poor little girls would be ashamed to be seen as scientists, so they add "art" and voila, all of a sudden girls (of both sexes) who don't want to study hard and hate getting their fingers dirty in experiments can feel better about themselves.

No, this is not about making Science major take a few liberal arts courses to keep them well rounded in knowledge, (we all were forced to do this, but I usually could pass these courses without bothering to read the book).

Nor is this about supporting those of us who did go into STEM fields: we don't need happy posters to make us feel good.

The dirty little secret is that this is about envy: of those of us (both men and women) who worked hard in hard subjects. This is a way to knock us down.

lots of scientists are actually good at art and music (Richard Feynman anyone?). But he don't need fancy posters telling him that taking a course in nuclear physics is just as important as taking a college course in bongo lessons. He just went out and learned to play bongos on his own.

Richard Feynman - The Pleasure of Finding... by Mazanga_Von_Badman


heh. Science vs engineering:


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