Saturday, December 31, 2016

summary of news

lots of propaganda, from a white professor in very affluent white enclave in a mainly black working class neighborhood in west Philly calls for white genocide.

Since I have relatives in that area, in the working class neighborhood, not the affluent area, so I don't find this funny. Luckily the local gangs don't read tweets.

This is called satire, but the descendants of the survivors of the Irish, Jewish, Armenian, and Ukrainian genocides don't find it very funny.


The US MSM is in full force on their "hate" news of Duterte, presumably obeying the memo to unseat him, while not even mentioning the existence of that memo. Hey, the Embassy says it's not true, so who do you believe? A leaker or the Obama administration?

on the other hand, Wikipedia suggests the Ambassador involved was thrown out of Bolivia for trying to destabilize Morales, so it does makes one wonder.

usually the social media here echoes the lead of the US Democratic state department memes (i.e. pro abortion, anti catholic and of course pro gay), which is why the article I posted earlier that the VP's loss of support is significant

But are any of the stories about the "forever war in Mexico"?

100 thousand dead and counting, and that doesn't include the narcotic deaths from their drugs which the Obama administration has been blaming on doctors who dare to treat pain correctly.

One Pinay reporter became aware of Mexico's horrors not by reading the US MSM but while watching a TV reality show.

The Philippines is entering into the seriousness of the Mexican drug problem. Now I know why Duterte said over and over again that everyone must help whether you are a billionaire or a poor victim. It is as I had said an epidemic. Although most Duterte backers are supporting him there are many more who can help especially among businessmen and the Opposition. They will not be spared if we reach Mexico’s disastrous level.

I have relatives in Colombia. One difference is that there, the communist guerrillas, who had support for defending human rights, morphed into working for drug lords. Only a hard slog of fighting (and many amnesties) managed to stop that 50 year war down to a trickle.

Here, Duterte hopes to stay friends with the NPA by reform while splitting the MILF from the Abus etc.


News years day means firecrackers and people shooting into the air (and casualties from both of these). LINK

for me, it means three terrified dogs under my bed and the three outdoor dogs trying to join them.

The good news: it means no more cats having kittens in the closet.

But the bad news is that the feral black cat, who moved here when the local grocery store closed,  just deposited her half grown kitties in the kitchen cabinets behind the pots and cleaning fluids.

we have five cats, four of which are feral and only come to eat (and Pepper our regular cat stays upstairs with Chano except when he is courting). However, we have at least three visitors sneaking in at night. The good news is that we don't have a lot of mice now.


BBC posts pictures of the year from Africa: riots, war etc. The only positive ones are about a rail line built by China....which says a lot about China's investments in Africa and the European slant to see only bad things in Africa.

racism in African coverage is a  major problem.

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