Thursday, December 22, 2016

the revolt of the masses

Lots of the stuff I read about the US elites ridiculing ordinary folks backfired and the result was not that they gave in (as they did again and again in the past) but that they elected Trump.

But the bigger question is will the Christian churches be persuaded by their enemies to become PC.
Ross Douthart's article is chilling.

First, Ivereigh’s insistence on the total clarity of “Amoris” and the Holy Spirit-driven theological consensus it allegedly reflects seems to be shared by relatively few ecclesiastics – which is why the overwhelming episcopal response to the cardinals’ questions, their dubia, has been a circumspect silence rather than a rush to rally ‘round the pope. It may be that “Amoris” means exactly what Ivereigh says it means – a “yes” to communion for the remarried confined to extremely rare circumstances, basically, if I’m reading his interpretation right.

But the text (very obviously and deliberately) doesn’t just come out and say that, and, pace Ivereigh and many others in the papal inner circle, the two synods decidedly did not either.
longer rant moved to my rant blog because some of those I quoted were using bad language.

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