Tuesday, January 10, 2017

AliBaba in the USA?

One of the big things "under the fold" is e commerce. In China, AliBaba has made it easy for those who live in rural China to order things via their cellphones.

We have it also here, along with local wanna be companies, but I hesitate to  use it since I don't have a cellphone to verify my credit card.

But anyway, think of it as Amzon plus Ebay.

So now the founder of AliBaba is meeting with Trump.

will this allow the US small companies to sell direct to Chinese customers?

I don't know.

However, here in Asia, people who can afford it will buy a genuine US or Japanese appliance or parts for cars, plumbing etc because of quality.

Take our bathroom. Lolo bought the US manufactured fixtures from the Subic area 20 plus years ago and they are still working, while the spigot in the kitchen, replaced last year, is leaking already.

Ditto for clothing: Used clothing lasts forever, but the stuff from the palenke is beautiful and falls apart quickly.

I have no idea if this will work.

But again I point you to listen to Strategytalk about China and business.

It sounds like Trumpie baby will be taking a business approach to running the country, and will get along with China who understands this approach.

But is any of this being discussed in the MSM, outside of the business pages? I have no idea: We get CNNI but it is full of nonsense and trivia (if it bleeds it leads), and we get Bloomberg but I rarely watch it.  We also have CNN Philippines, but I don't watch it a lot because I don't trust it: ANC is my favorite News channel. We also have had other news programs on and off (AlJ and BBC). It's actually easier to just check the internet.

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