Monday, January 23, 2017

Jordan and Jeremy Clarkson

StrategyPage discusses how some Islamic countries reject the crazies, (with good leadership and letting their "deplorables" have a say in silencing the loud mouths who elsewhere threaten them and even kill them if they object). We read about this struggle in nearby Indonesia and Bangladesh, but SP notes that they are not the only places where the crazies are unpopular:

One country they cite is Jordan, who recently fought off ISIS with the enthusiastic help of the locals.

This is no accident and is the result of having one of the best trained and reliable security forces in the region and being the beneficiary of a lot of help with equipment and specialist training from the United States and Israel. This because the senior leadership of the country (a monarchy) have a centuries long track record of being effective and generally beneficial rulers.

You can see the site where they trained here, because Jordan let the Grand Tour crazies use their training site to fake a rescue mission a couple weeks ago.

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