Friday, January 27, 2017

Philippine news

AlJ reports that the UN denies suppressing a report on how Middle Eastern countries abuse the civil rights of those living there.

well, duh. It's an open secret that the UN is too busy pointing out Israel's problems. One is reminded of that snarky Jewish carpenter: remove the plank from your own eye before you remove the splinter from the eye of your neighbor.

yet ALJ misses the big story: A million Christians in Saudi Arabia with no churches allowed. Of course most of them are foreign workers...

and abuse of  their rights is another big story.

This one happened in California, so it's not just Arabs.


the massacre of police in a raid on terrorists is being checked on why it happened. Uh maybe follow the money?

Mr. Duterte wanted Aquino to explain why the SAF and not the Army was deployed when the police commandos were trained to combat urban terrorism. He also wanted to know why Oplan: Exodus was kept a secret and why Aquino concealed the fact that it was a US Central Intelligence Agency operation apparently carried out with the former President’s blessing.
 Mr. Duterte also asked who got the $5-million US bounty for Marwan.

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essentially it was a botched raid with no backup, and the local MILF saw it as a violation of the peace treaty being negotiated so joined the terrorist side. But apparently the CIA gave lots of equipment to help the raid, and the military didn't know it was going on (to prevent a leak of what was planned). So when the SHTF, there was no backup.

or maybe the ransom was why it was kept secret. Usually there is a big public outcry on such things, but this one was sort of swept under the rug after the intial reports...


Police scams exposed. Yes, a major problem.

drug lord's bank accounts frozen.

what was behind the slaying of a Korean businessman? more HERE.

backstory at Rappler about police preying on Korean businessmen (illegal gambling link?)

one of the problems that caused massive flooding a few years back was the illegal fish farms in Laguna. They are finally being dismantled.

tlots of stories complain only the low level drug dealers have been targeted.

But this story might suggest trying to get the VIP's might cause more bloodshed:

4 killed in serving a warrant for a narco-mayor.

this was in the south, but our area is called the "wild west" after two governor candidates' bodyguards had a shootout a few years ago.

Many politicians have a few bodyguards, but some have a lot of them...

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