Monday, January 23, 2017

The world is nuts, so what else is new?

I am ignoring the marches of the upper middle class white women who want to kill their own children in the name of feminism. Sigh. Oh well. Makes them feel so superior to the rest of the hoi polloi aka "Deplorables", who don't want to pay for this.

 Of course, the dirty little secret is that 54% of white women voted Trumpie boy, but never mind.

The "minorities" voted Hillary because of the BLM and immigration kerfuffles.

And the Catholic bishops backed Hillary despite Democratic pro abortion policies and the lawsuit against the Little Sisters of the Poor because Immigration. The nuns on the bus are right there demonstrating according to one Catholic site. I'm not surprised.  Politics trumps babies you know. What was that about "The least of my brethren" they don't understand?

Trump was against  illegal immigration, but was exaggerated in the press to think all immigrants were at risk. Well, they sort of were.

What both had in common was people like my son would be stopped and taken in if they couldn't prove their citizenship. Driving while Black/Hispanic (or in Minnesota, while "American Indian") is very real.

As for anti Islam: Well, that too is not new. I remember the anti Catholicism against Kennedy (and the open  anti Catholicism in the Democratic convention of 1992)... and as for Muslims being accused of being enemies, well, my German Grandfather was investigated in World War I for being pro German for singing German songs...

but when gangs terrorize people, maybe someone needs to enforce the laws, even at the risk of hurting people's feelings. And when people who have committed terror were reported by friends and neighbors for being pro terrorists, and then the FBI lets them lose, one does wonder if things have gone too far the other way.

Kenda discusses this, (see my earlier post) and points out to someone who wanted to rid the country of thugs that they only way to do this was to establish a Gestapo, but if we wanted democracy, well things will be messy. But note that didn't stop him from finding murderers. Again, balance is needed.

And I worry about the environment, Our coal town when I lived in Pennsylvania had red running rivers, and no one drank the local water... and our house faced the slag heap, which had been stablized by planting trees in it so didn't collapse, but the house I bought had been under 6 feet of water when a local dam collapsed in the 1970's...

So will Trump's minions bring us back to the bad good old days? but I will wait to see what happens. Sustainable development does not mean back to the middle ages poverty, but sustainable development, i.e. improving the quality of life without destroying the environment.

So where are these stories?

Well, they are related.

Well, China just decided that having 33.5 million more young men than women might (just might) be a little bit of a problem...  it's Nixon's fault, and the fault of the NWO who followed Ehrlich's population explosion ideas and decided forced killing of excess children was the way to go, and persuaded China to do this.

But you don't need forcing people you know: Iran is ZPG because the Mullahs decided to promote fewer kids to save their economy, and most other countries just gave access to family planning and the women decided it themselves. Even the Philippines went from 6 kids per woman to 2.5 kids per women over the last 30 years, and we promoted only natural family planning (but allowed private organizations to give out the pill etc).

This might change under Duterte, however, (and with the Vatican having Ehrlich talking to them about sustainable development, well, one guesses the One World order church of ZPG is just around the corner).

One of the dirty little secrets that few socialists like to notice is that China has lifted their people out of poverty not because of socialism but because they allowed capitalism to flourish...

.and keeping their population under control is part of this.  Ah but who will care for the grandparents when there are few young? Robots or just kill 'em all? Just wondering....

I sing the body Electric, as Ray Bradbury wrote. You may remember the Twilight zone episode...

come to think of it, maybe sexbots are the way to go for all those lonely men...

hmm... sounds like the Stepford wives are becoming reality.

in the meanwhile, China's air pollution is killing people... one blog claims that the reason that it is so cheap to manufacture in China is that they don't have environmental regulations..

the question is if we will see the US going back to pollution with Trump pulling back the regulations too far, or if China will no longer be cost effective because they start enforcing their laws.

So am I paranoid? Or hopeful? Both.


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