Thursday, January 05, 2017

Uh, Hillary's insecure Email server?

One of the backstories that upset those with a military background but was called fake news by the press was that Hillary was using an insecure email server, therefore allowing spies with hacking skills to read "top secret" intelligence information. And the presence of these emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop made it worse: everyone knows that porn sites are full of trojan horses and other spyware stuff that lets outsiders read your email.

In the meanwhile, Obama is busy trying to start WWIII... luckily Putin is ignoring him, waiting for the grownups to take over.

But my question: If Podesta's emails caused a diplomatic break with Russia, why was there no payback when Chinese hackers stole my identity from the feds (along with the personnel files of 4 million other folks)?

of course, Assange points out it wasn't Russia, but DNC insiders who gave him the information.

and as for hacking:

Assange says a 14 year old could have hacked Podesta's emails...

not only did he respond to a Pfishing attack, but his emails used the password "Password".

reminds me of this:

what is really stupid is that the Mainstream media is parroting the meme that "russia stole the election", implying that they hacked the voting machines (which has never been claimed). Uh, no: they interfered with the election by exposing the corruption of the DNC, including a lot of dirty tricks against Bernie.

That used to be the job of the MSM, but never mind.

and although I doubt Trumpie baby will hit Hillary for her election shenanigans, the Clinton Foundation investigation is not under the executive branch.

Mr Braverman, please call your office....

  Snopes says no one has reported him missing, so he isn't missing... but they admit they can't verify he isn't missing either....

The Yale campus has been closed for the holidays, which is likely why no response was received by the writer quoted above. However, Braverman is listed by the university as teaching his "Innovation in Government and Society" class in both the Fall 2016 semester and the upcoming Spring 2017 semester. He also has an active voicemail and e-mail address at the university (but didn't respond to our messages).

uh maybe someone could phone call one of the students who took his class and ask if he had taught up to the end of the Fall semester? That should not be hard to do.... or maybe have a local reporter check if his mail is piling up at his house? or ask around the local gay community? Or call on his parents at their farm?

or maybe someone should ask his husband about the story? His last tweet was in August...and this fake news sites say he is missing also...

curiouser and curiouser...

and why are their names linked with an Arms dealer? And what is this about the Justice Dept dropping the case on Arms dealer Marc Turi?  In October?

never mind. I have a life to live, and if you get into conspiracy theories you end up in a straight jacket being given shots of Haldol...

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