Friday, January 20, 2017

Word of the day


I ran across it in a commentary that compared the US kerfuffles today to Monty Python.

In the wake of these stories.....(two writers) have written about the self-devouring ouroboros of intersectionality.

The only place I had run into the Ouroboros was in Eddison's sci fi/fantasy novel, which alas was too dense for me to get through.

Cover of The Worm Ouroboros first edition (London: Jonathan Cape, 1922)
Ebook here  or HERE.

But Wikipedia says Eddison didn't invent the beast: It goes back to the days of early Egypt, but was kept alive by gnostics and alchemists as a symbol of the cytle of life and death.

but for the scientific types, it is the symbol of Benzene: Kukule was trying to figure out how to fit molecules into the structure and fell asleep and saw atoms as snalkes, then one of them bit his tail, and voila: he figured out that Benzene was a ring.

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