Friday, February 03, 2017

Blue Dogs and Bernieites

Much of the MSM has decided they might want to start inteviewing Southern redneckes to see why Hillary lost

But they have the story wrong: She lost the "Reagan democrats" aka Blue Dog Democrats.

And the TV news full of snowflakes protesting and shutting down talks by a gay satirist is not helping things. (attention: Milo is the Republican equivalent of Lennie Bruce with his shock humor).

At least the NYPost has an article by Selena Zito who points out the problem of the Democratic party.

And now the angry left, thinking it’s learning from Clinton’s mistakes, is actually repeating one of her biggest. Essentially, the Clinton faction won the party’s nomination, but the Bernie Sanders faction won the day. Instead of offering independents, moderate Democrats or reluctant Republicans an alternative, those non-liberals see protest after protest, outrage after outrage — and they’re tuning the anger out and going on with the business of life.

yes, this is why I am annoyed at the "Democrats abroad" who keep emailing me to protest. Uh, I have a life you know, even though I am retired.

And anyway, the caucus here voted for Bernie, not Hillary, and although I disagree with Trump on a lot of things, I don't think he is Hitler: Indeed, his pro job attitudes and attention to the working man are closer to Bernie than to Hillary "Goldman Sachs" Clinton. That is why Trump won the "Rust Belt". Or hadn't anyone bothered to tell the Democratic party?

and having Obama sue the Little Sisters of the Poor hasn't helped: A lot of pro life Catholic  Democrats have been sidelined since at least 1992, when I sort of stopped voting for them except for local leaders after Governor Casey was openly ridiculed at the convention.

Even Trump's attitude toward immigrants may work: as the saying goes, "Only Nixon can go to China", and like Reagan, he could very well push through a way to stop the open borders policies pushed by Obama that ignored security: gangs and drugs that no one wants to talk about.

(Heck, Obama blamed docs for the heroin epidemic deaths, when it was the Mexican cartels.

as for the Australian kerfuffle: Seems like the US MSM is not aware of the backstroy that Australia shut down their illegal immigrants by isolating them on an island when they couldn't send them back. That has been a big issue here on the Pacific rim for awhile.

And since Australia, like Canada, is in need for immigrants, one wonders why they just do't settle them in Melbourne..

Attention: If Trump wants to show he loves Muslims fleeing tyranny, maybe he sould sign an order allowing the settlement of a couple thousand Rohingye. They are persecuted for their religion and ethnicity but that doesn't get in the news either.

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