Monday, February 06, 2017

Emotion trumps logic? we haz that

Dilbert has another post on cognitive dissonance and persuasion using emotion, using a discussion between the brilliant atheist Sam Harris and some actor.

2. Harris uses data to make Ben’s argument fall apart.
Ben is smart, and knowledgeable, and his ego does not recognize that he could be annihilated on television in this way.
This is the trigger for cognitive dissonance.
His ego spontaneously generates a literal hallucination to protect his self-image.
3. The hallucination involves turning Harris’ reasonable statement that is backed with data into an absurd absolute about “all Muslims.” Nothing can talk Affleck out of this misinterpretation. He is in full hallucination mode

Dilbert's expertise is emotions and persuasion, and he argues that emotion has more to do with changing people's minds than logic.

However, I am a nerd, so have to point out that logically this illustrates two logical errors: Cherry picking and the straw man fallacies.

more here:

we are seeing a lot of this in today's political debates over the top demonstrations hysterical over reaction.

and this frustrates me, because although I oppose the immigration stuff Trump is doing, I do recognize that there is some validity in his actions (which, as I pointed out in previous posts are similar to Obama banning Cuban immigrants and Clinton banning Hatian Immigrants, and more recently, with Australia banning illegal migrants).

Speaking of illogic: why does Bruce Sprinegsteen apologize to Australia that Trump is hesitating to take the illegal migrants that they refused to settle in the first place? Australia's policies turning back boats of illegal migrants have been well known here in Asia for years, but apparently not well publicized in the USA...

and since I keep getting emails from Democrats Abroad pushing me to demonstrate (even before Trump became president I was getting these), I suspect the object is to retake back political control by the elites who hijacked the Democratic paty, not against Trump's policies per se.

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