Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Family news

My granddaughter and her mom are still depressed about her father refusing to let her take the scholarship to a pretegious school in Canada.

The hot season is arriving so I spend most of the days indoors due to the heat.

So far the internet is working okay...tends to get iffy in the heat.

The small dog still has two puppies and they are doing well (one died).

The cat is still pregnant and getting larger. Oi Veh. we don't need new cats.

Our houseboy/night watchman came home drunk after a party last night with a half grown friendly dog. I took it for a rabies shot today. We'll have to try to find who it belongs to, but like in the USA, often dogs run away from home or are dropped off in the street when their owners decide they don't want them. Stray dogs are prone to rabies, so we usually don't try to save them, and often strays are just rounded up and killed, if they don't starve to death or get killed by locals first. Sigh.

Cats are worse: stray cats all over. Some come here to eat: We just got another black one with mangey ears who came in.... they eat the dog food we leave out for the dogs at night when the dogs are asleep. And stray kittens are just dumped in the local vacant lots: I try to save them, but usually they are too small and die on me, or else they do fine, until they hit half grown when the dogs get them because they are not "street smart" like the feral cats.

Sigh. Don't be an animal lover here in the Philippines.

Of course, there is also a problem of stray people and stray kids. Sigh.

Most of the kids have homes but are not always in school no one  checks on them. It's not as bad here as in Manila because everyone is related to everyone the kids are not abandoned but known to the neighbors.

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