Thursday, February 23, 2017

is it his New York accent?

If Trumpie boy had an Oxford accent,  would he be respected more?

 headsup from a comment on Ann Althouse...

Somewhat early on during the primary, I saw a video where a British voice was dubbed in for what Trump was saying. Here's a different one but, oh my gosh, it is amazing what a difference it makes. 

alhouse has a long discussion on: 

Imagine a President Trump whose policies all accord with your own. Substantively, he's like, perhaps, Barack Obama. He'll appoint the Supreme Court Justice who will give the liberal faction a decisive 5-person majority. He's very accepting of undocumented immigrants, committed to Obamacare, etc. etc. — whatever it is that you like. But he has all the personal characteristics of Donald Trump. He entered politics from a successful business career, funded his own campaign using his private wealth, and figured out how to do politics on the fly, making mistakes and correcting his course. He got knocked around in the press and by party insiders who wanted to stop him, but he kept going, overcoming 16 opponents. He had his own way of talking and he took it straight to the people, with hundreds of rallies, and he especially connected with working class people. They just loved him, as the elite shook their heads, because he didn't have the diplomacy and elegance they'd come to expect from a President. Be honest now. How would you like this man? How would you speak about his personal style? 

heh. that would be Bernie Saunders of course. But he had the primaries stolen from him by the Democratic operatives at the top.


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