Monday, February 06, 2017

Little Red Riding Hood

BellBeakerBlog claims that the story of Little Red Riding hood dates back 2000 years.

The story is theorized to be about two thousand years old by (Tehrani, 2013) and has many widespread variations emanating from the Northern Middle East in his view (keep that in mind)...My interpretation is that it appears to be a religious lesson for a young person of the early Christian Age. ...Within the context of Christianity spreading in the late Roman period, it is perhaps a more direct warning for marriage-age girls to adopt and maintain Christian wedding rites instead of pagan ones. 

ah, but what is it about red? earlier link is about red in burial customs. 

It'd be easy to expand on the use of cinnabar or red ochre as a funerary pigment across many Eurasian and American cultures over the millennia. It was prominent in the Yamnaya culture and was a very prominent burial rite throughout much of the stone age.... Really, the question is why do red pigments appear in graves, do they appear for the same reasons, and is the presence of pigment meaningful or are we seeing a misleading picture based on random things that survive decomposition?**
perhaps red is used because it protects one from the evil eye.

But in ancient Greece, the brides wore red (and the blog shows photos of how the custom persists in India).

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