Thursday, February 02, 2017

Philippine news

Ruby says all the social media brain washed students in Manila hate Trump. Figures. As I said, the Democrats overseas is busy trying to destroy him by pushing us to demonstrate and shout out. They also hyperventillate about Duterte.

figures. They live in a bubble. Here, if people get mad enough they will just rejoin and support our local NPA, who have sort of come in from the cold since a massacre of five of them a couple years ago. I'll start worrying when the local tricycle/taxi drivers remove their Duterte stickers...

On the other hand, Duterte remains popular. He is seen as trying to get rid of the corruption that pervades the country.

True, he has suspended the "war on drugs" until he can get rid of rogue policemen, but says he will use the military if needed. Well, that might be a bit dangerous, but it mainly sends a message to the big shots that they aren't out of danger yet.

The Police are in deep doodoo after a Korean "businessman" was kidnapped (?arrested) and killed in a government facility. Not knowing the background, I don't know if he was targeted because he was involved with on line gambling (legal or was something else going on?) and succumbed to torture, or if they just were after money.

Story here at the MBulletin gives details about another raid on Koreans that gives you the idea of how the scam works. Find an excuse for a raid, and then steal everything in site Note the victims here fled to Korea, except for one who filed the report. Good move. Drive by shootings are a common way to get rid of witneesses, alas.

and surprise surprise: the cops paid the local professionals to help them shoot drug dealers.They only paid the going rate for murder (i.e. about $100 US).
All the hyperventillation ignores a lot of these murders were going on before Duerte: but their victims were different, and the numbers have gone up a bit.

And the article notes how the cops, on finding the victim, would take the body to the funeral home that gave them the highest kickback.

as one wag wrote: In the Philippines, the bribes are taken under the table, on the table, and with the table. If there is way to make money, it will be done.

and also in the news: Duterte supports Trump's policies and in another story even told illegal Pinoys they are on their own.

Actually the way things work is that if he makes nice, we will get more money (that Obama stopped to "punish" the Philippines for the drug war) for development, and maybe even arrange for our illegals in the USA to get a break.

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