Sunday, March 26, 2017


Ruby went to Manila Friday for her 10th grade graduation practice. Here, up to last year, high school ended at grade ten but now they added two more year, so she will have to find a school for these years.. She won a scholarship to an international school in Canada, but her father would not sign the papers so she had to turn it down. So we will have to pay tuition if she goes in Manila. Her father wants her to continue home school for two more years, but that is getting difficult... translation: Her mom and I will foot the bills

Sigh Lolo's two year anniversary was yesterday so I bought some flowers. The gravesite needs a good cleaning but it's so hot I am putting it off for awhile No one else in the family sent flowers Sigh.

But some good news: Did I mention that I got my tax refund already?Since I didn't have to wait for Lolo's stuff (traditionally we filed together, but for the last two two years, I waited and waited and never got information on his pension from his son, who took over Lolo's finances when he got sick...I finally filed on my own the last minute, as "married but filing separately...a higher tax rate, and I sent it in by snailmail... ).

So now I am "single" it was a lot easier: Filed via Turbo tax, was sent in electronically and my refund was direct deposit.

So once in awhile the government does things okay.

My son is visiting his extended family in Colombia with his new Mexican American wife and sent photos

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