Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Family news

We are having a hot spell, but no brownouts yet. I spend most of my time inside with the airconditioner on... but then I run it as an airfilter even when I don't use the cooler part.

The bad news is that the pump died. Water is on and off. Probably will have to buy a new one but we are trying to get it fixed. This happens about once every two years or so.

Ah, washing up in a bucket is sooo nice! Those bozos who complain about the modern world ignore these things. (we can use city water, but there were objections to us using a pump to get it up to our water tower, so it means low pressure water, i.e. fill the bucket and heat it on the stove).

Ruby will have graduation on Friday, but I won't go: it would mean a four hour trip to Manila and then a three hour ceremony and then four hours back again.

Joy is representing the Philippines in a trade fair in London, and will take Ruby with her. Ruby is used to trade fairs and will help her mom sell Philippine products, so yes it will be a business trip, but only partially funded. They haven't been in London before, but will stay with family there to save money.

The puppies are eating now and will probably go to new owners in a week or two. In the meanwhile, you have to watch where you step since they aren't house trained.

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