Friday, March 03, 2017

Philosophical discussion of the day

Professor Podles article discusses the question of reality and how the rejection of objective truth of Plato leads to all sorts of problems.

 The ones that have shaped the modern world, and almost always for the worse, are nominalism and voluntarism. They are the wrong or at least inadequate answers to important questions: “Does reality have a logical, comprehensible structure, or is everything dependent solely on will, whether the will of God or the will of man?”
why is this important? because if good and evil are realities, they are realities.

The modern world insists they are "subjective": so a "suicide bomber" justifies this because murder is okay because his idea of god says it's okay. And a Nazi SS man who in clear conscience murders Jews is not doing evil because he is following his conscience.

Or a person who in his heart says living together or in a second marriage. (or what I am putting up with here: it's okay to schtumpf the staff because god made me this way) is not committing sin because: Conscience.

My answer: Because Sociopathy.

misapplied mercy and Francis.

Because I saw how mercy and forgiveness were misused in cases of clerical sexual abuse, I have been suspicious of Pope Francis’s stress on God’s mercy, which seems to lack an equal stress on justice. My suspicious were justified. Nicole Winfield of the AP reports:
Pope Francis has quietly reduced sanctions against a handful of pedophile priests, applying his vision of a merciful church even to its worst offenders in ways that survivors of abuse and the pope’s own advisers question.

principled pedophile article. 
yes, the way back machine remembers the good old day of normalizing pedophilia in the hippie culture, in the "green" party of Germany...  (and I remember some psychiatrists told us this back then).

It didn't start with Milo you know.

The Professor has a book about this: His book is here.

and remember, science is based on the idea that: "Realtiy has a logical, comprehesible structure".

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