Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Religion Stories below the fold

Africans ask why London gets headlines, but they are killed all the time with little outcry.

(heasdup GetReligion).

Uh the same reason that the attack on majority Christian city of Zamboanga or on local Christian villages here in the Philippines doesn't get in the headlines: third world and all of that, but also because the "Christian" angle is not a PC one.


Chinese authorities crack down on democracy advocates in Hong Kong

backstory here

 demonstrations supporting John Tsang

A catholic who has US ties...but is very involved in Chinese culture.

now they are coming for your ipad

discrimination against jihadi countries. I blame Trumpie boy


For later reading: Spengler discusses the Benedict Option.

This could better be called the Ghetto option, or the Amish option.
Alas, the problem is that ghettos and monasteries only make it easy for the really really bad guys to destroy you (i.e. as in Viking raids and pogroms).

Luckily, others like Gregory the Great, who had to manage barbarians, crooked politicians and refugees, (along with promoting good music) did not opt out of society back then.

not to mention Charles Martel and King Alfred the Great, who were willing to fight those trying to destroy Christianity, but are not considered "saints".

 as for having teir own institutions: The Catholics in the US did have their own institutions back in the good old days... then the "reformers" came, reformed the nuns out of existence and let wishywashyness take over the church institutions.

a lot of us question if the church will survive Pope Francis who will destroy the te commandments and let the sociopaths take over (all in the name of mercy of course).

So who outranks the Pope?

A saint...

Catherine of Sienna comes to mind.

related item: one feisty Italian nun drew a line in the sand.

Mother Angelica died one year ago. 

best comment:
Ellen says:27 March 2017 at 2:23 PMIt’s sad then when women of accomplishment get mentioned, Mother Angelica is never on the list. Look at what she did – started a network with a lot of nerve and not a lot of money and it’s still going strong. But she was Catholic nun who was faithful to the Church and to many people that doesn’t count. It’s sad.

well, when the compromising bishops threatened to take over her network, she told them she'd blow the place up first.


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